Corporate Statutory Compliance

We have support staff specialized in the field of corporate statutory compliance and labor laws. We take the responsibility to comply with all statutory obligations of an establishment. Our extremely efficient team of professionals intends to deliver the best of the statutory compliance services to our clients. We provide services in terms of statutory compliance under the below Acts of labour legislations:

  • Factories Act - Obtaining factory license, Renewal of license, Approval of factory building plan, Examination of Reports of Pressure vessels, Lift etc, Maintenance of registers and filing of periodical returns under the provisions of the Act,
  • Employees State Insurance Act �� Registration of the firm and allotment of code number, Filing of nomination and declaration forms, allotment of ESI number, Generation of monthly statement, Form -7 and half yearly in form-6. Filing of returns to the ESIC. Attending the ESI inspection etc.,
  • Employees Provident and Misc. Provisions Act - Registration of establishment, Generating monthly challans, Form 12, Form 5 and 10, Form-9, Form 3A and Form 6A. Submission of returns to the EPF dept., Preparation of claim forms of the employees and submission thereafter. Liaison with EPF authority if there is an enquiry or notices.
  • Minimum wages Act �� Update the management about the minimum wage notification, implementation of the MW and maintenance of registers as per the provisions of Minimum wages Act.
  • Payment of wages Act - Provisions of the Act is being followed while processing the payroll. Maintenance of records and registers. Measures are taken to disburse the wages/salary on or before the stipulated date.
  • Payment of Bonus Act - Calculation of bonus in accordance with the provisions of the Act, Maintenance of records, Registers and returns in the prescribed forms i.e. Form A, B, C and D.
  • Maternity Benefit Act - Implementation of the provisions of Maternity Benefit Act in the facility and payment thereof.
  • Labour Welfare fund- Deduction of LWF from the Salary/wages. Maintenance of registers and returns. Submission of challans and Returns.
  • Contract Labour (Regulation & abolition) Act - Implementation of the provisions of the Act in case contract labor is employed. Maintenance of records, Registers and returns under the provisions of the Act.
  • Shops and Establishment Act - Implementation and maintenance of records, registers, returns under the provisions of the Shops and Establishment Act.
  • Environmental Protection Act - Obtaining CFE & CFO under the provisions of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act & Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. Filing of Cess returns and liaison with the State Pollution Control Board.
  • Other labor legislations as applicable for the establishment,
  • Liaison with department of Labour, EPF, ESI etc.,

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